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Busbin Engineering, Inc.

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Huntsville, AL  35801

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About Us


Busbin Engineering was founded in 1989 by Carey Busbin and John Daley.  Since its inception they have maintained cost effective and timely civil engineering and surveying services to the North Alabama area.


Busbin Engineering, Inc., was founded in 1989 by it's president, Carey Busbin, who has over twenty five years experience in civil engineering including both project management and civil design.  His experience includes proposal preparation, cost proposal preparation, cost accounting, preparation of business plans, budgets, and project schedules.  Mr. Busbin has specific experience in municipal environments (water, wastewater, and solid waste) as a consulting engineer.  In conjunction with various municipalities he has conducted water, wastewater, solid-waste and drainage studies.  He has experience working with the U.S. Army both in traditional engineering and surveying projects.  Mr. Busbin is a graduate of the University of Alabama and is a licensed Professional Engineer in four States and a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Alabama.

John Daley has 25 years of experience in Surveying and related fields.  He has served as a construction engineer, party chief, surveyor and computer technician.  He has background in construction layout, geodetic and plane computations, COE computations, boundary and topographic surveys, drafting, contouring, plotting and supervision of personnel.  He is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Alabama.

Michael Roberts is in charge of field activities and is responsible for all data collection.  He is experienced in the use of global positioning systems, robotic and non-robotic total stations and leveling instruments.  Mr. Roberts has over 20 years of field experience in both surveying and construction environments.